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Yurex MantraJet 1050 printer

Yurex MantraJet 1050 printer CD DVD tray layout

Yurex MantraJet 1050 printer CD DVD tray layout
(DVD cover design software with Yurex MantraJet 1050 printer support!)

How to print labels on Yurex MantraJet 1050 printer

When you have tried the RonyaSoft Blu-ray CD DVD Label Creator, brilliant! will be the word that comes to mind - you can definitely be thrilled at how simple it is to download the labels making software program by clicking on the link underneath and within just a couple of minutes you will be printing fantastic CD or DVD labels and covers on your Yurex MantraJet 1050 printer.

However that's not all that's available with this brilliant DVD labels print software. RonyaSoft may have made it all as obvious as possible to use, but the outcome would suggest differently when you see the standard of printed CD or DVD labels. This Blu-ray, CD or DVD labels software has choices galore for making top quality labels! However for making Blu-ray, CD or DVD labels isn't all when you know you'll need Blu-ray, CD or DVD box inserts and box covers too and discover RonyaSoft have a load of templates you can use.

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(DVD cover design software with Yurex MantraJet 1050 printer support!)

How simple do you need labeling to be? A few clicks of a mouse is enough for you to then be printing your own Blu-ray labels, CD & DVD box covers and DVD box inserts. You don't have to be a tech 'nerd' to 'click' with this simple to download labels making software, just have a go and see for yourself!

  1. To automatically get your CD & DVD labels design program, click on the 'Download' button.
  2. Pick out your favorite design from any of the preloaded CD DVD label and cover templates.
  3. Alter the design of your label according to your wishes.
  4. Click on the 'Print' button to begin your unique DVD or CD printed labels after you have entered Yurex MantraJet 1050 in to the print settings dialog. Never forget to inspect that the latest printer driver is used.
  5. Be proud of yourself for what you have printed off!

The RonyaSoft label making software uniquely gives you and your Yurex MantraJet 1050 printer all you could need for personalizing so many great CD or DVD gifts.

Have you ever noticed how a personally made gift really matters to someone you love? Why spend money on pricey, presents that anyone can buy, when with the RonyaSoft Blu-ray CD DVD label printing software, you can save a fortune on gifts and become ten times more thoughtful?

Think about these great suggestions:

  • You're at a wedding and you take loads of un-staged photos or video clips of all the guests looking cheerful and having a great time fun. Choose your favorites, burn them on to a disc and send it to the bride and groom as a thank you for the invitation to their marriage. They will adore you for the thoughtful and personal touch. And what did it cost you to create one of the most unique gifts they will get during their wedding? - The price of a blank disc, few pieces of paper and a splash of ink from your Yurex MantraJet 1050 printer. Great huh?
  • Chose your best photos and snaps to make CD, DVD and Blu-ray box covers or make Blu-ray labels.
  • Opt for a snap of your pooch or cat on the cover and CD and DVD label so you can easily identify which CD your pet's photos are all kept on.
  • Memories shared always last longer - download your snaps of a do on to a CD and make a label, cover and insert, then send to all who were there!
  • Are you seeking an individual way to make you stand out when applying for employment. Do you need to seem better from the rest of the applicants. Do you want to impress your potential employers with a demonstration of yourself on a DVD with a classy printed DVD label and printed DVD case designed for each application?

RonyaSoft Blu-ray CD DVD Label Creator is the ideal software addition to use with your Yurex MantraJet 1050 printer so download it instantly and get those stylistic juices flowing!

CD DVD label printing software works on Windows Operational System, including Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows7 and supports a wide range of CD DVD surface printers, including: Canon i865, Canon iP5300, Canon MG6340, Canon MP830, DYMO DiscPainter, Epson EP-704A, Epson Stylus Photo PX720WD, Epson Stylus Photo R3000, Epson Stylus Photo RX640, Epson Stylus Photo TX710W, HP Photosmart C5373, HP Photosmart D5160, Yurex MantraJet 1150-XL and similar.

CD DVD labels making software supports a wide range of CD DVD label providers, including: Ace 50400 series, Armor U11836, Big W, Boma LS001, CoolBeLa LS001HI, DeskTop Labels 3303-CD CD DVD Labels, Label+ 2-up CD DVD & ZIP, Lorenz Bell LB6080, Plain Paper, ProLabel CD458, Sanwa LB-CDR005 CD DVD, Veriad VH577 JP582, Zweckform L7676 and similar.