Editing a Shadow effect properties

The Shadow Editor is used to edit shadow effect properties.

To open the Shadow Editor dialog box, click the Shadow options button in the Effects section of the Properties.

Shadow Editor dialog box

The Options pane of the dialog box contains controls for setting up shadow effect options. The Preview pane shows a customized shadow.

The Options contains Color and Structure controls.

To set the color of the shadow, click Color button and specify the color in the Color Editor. See Editing a color property for more info.

To change the shadow intensity, use the Intensity slider.

To change the shadow direction angle, enter your value in degrees in Angle field or use the Angle slider.

To change the distance of the shadow to object, use the Distance slider.

To change the shadow blur, use the Blur slider.

To apply the selected settings, click the Ok button.

To ignore the suggested variant, click the Cancel button.

To open Help file, click the Help button.

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