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FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

How can I center the poster on the sheets?

Just select Round to page size check box (Step 5) and choose preferable Round mode option. In this case poster will be centered and rounded to the whole page size. Change border size (Step 3) if you need more space around poster.

How can I print a Microsoft Word document?

To print data from Word and other standard Windows applications, you should copy it into Poster Printer first, following the steps given below:

  1. Open the application;
  2. Select the part of the document you need with the mouse point;
  3. Copy it to the clipboard;
  4. Paste it in the Poster Printer.

How can I increase the quality of the printed poster?

Poster quality depends on the type and quality of the source image, on the selected scaling algorithm (for bitmaps) and on the printer properties. Experiment with the settings to get the most of your poster.

How to print posters in the print shop?

See Printing in the print shop for more info.

How to print borderless?

First you have to check whether your printer has unprintable margins and supports borderless printing. Then you have to calibrate the printer driver. Use printer-specific Calibration tools from the printer settings dialog. Then check the Detect automatically option is enabled in the Page setup dialog (step 4).

How to preview a poster before printing?

To preview a poster before printing you may save the poster as a pdf document and preview it in any pdf viewer. See Saving as image/pdf for more info.

How can I add my own poster size templates?

Open the SizeTemplates.txt file from the program folder in the application data folder (Shared Docs\RonyaSoft\Poster Printer). Follow the instructions given in the file.

How can I get rid of the roughness after trimming and gluing of the pages?

Select the Use overlapping check box (Step 4). Overlap margins can easily hide roughness of trimmed edges. Do not forget that glue margins become visible when splicing thin paper, so try to avoid it.

How can I get rid of white poster edges?

Most of printers have unprintable page area. That is why certain page areas cannot used for poster printing. You can set your border style to 0 (Step 3), and the program will add guide lines to trim the margins. You can also make your border value larger than the unprintable page margins. The program will use them as decorative borders.

Colors differ from page to page. How can I fix it?

Switch off printer optimization properties (e.g. enhance effect) in the printer options.

Part of the image on each page appears cropped after printing. How can I fix it?

If a part of the image is cropped, it means that unprintable page margins are incorrect. Try to increase unprintable margin values after switching to custom margins mode.

Page margins vary from page to page. How can I fix it?

Align the sheets in the printer's paper tray before printing.

How is the number of pages calculated?

The number of pages depends on the poster size, page properties and print options.

How can I preview the real poster?

You can preview the real-size poster in the Image scaling setup dialog.

How can I register the application for all users on the PC?

When entering the registration data, application must run under an account with administrator privileges. You will be prompted to register application for all users after clicking the Register button in the Registration dialog.