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Printing in the print shop

To print posters at the local print shop you have to save posters as images or pdf documents first. See Saving a document as image/pdf for more info.

For maximum poster quality we recommend you specify maximum image quality and save the poster under the .pdf or .tiff formats.

Note: The current version of the software does not support CMYK colorspace, and generated images/pdfs have RGB-colorspace. That's why you have to ask print shop whether they support RGB-image printing or not.

When rendering images or pdf documents, the current printer and page settings are used. Consequently you have to specify the paper format and page margins that will be used by print shop service. You have to ask the print shop whether they support borderless printing for the paper format you are going to use. If borderless printing is not possible, then ask print shop for values of unprintable page margins and type them in the Page Setup dialog.

Eg. If you are going to print on A4 pages, you have to choose any printer in the available printers list and select A4 format, then specify custom unprintable page margins received from the print shop in the Page Setup dialog. Or set them to zero in case print shop supports borderless printing for chosen format.

Also select Draw unprintable page margins checkbox and inform print shop that images/pdf already contain unprintable margins. See Saving a document as image/pdf for more info.

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