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Free CD/DVD labels to make the memories memorable

March 27, Lutsk (Ukraine)
Press Contact: Rostyslav Marchuk
Position: Press center manager
Company: RonyaSoft

The RonyaSoft company, a provider of graphics and printing software solutions for end-users and businesses, has announced the release of their CD DVD Label Maker, a handy freeware allowing custom creation of disc covers and cases

Nowadays digital information has invaded all spheres of a user’s life. People make pictures and videos with their brand-new digital cameras, download favorite music from the internet, create documents and spreadsheets for their work, exchange emails and do many other digital things during every day of their digital lives.

Gbytes of music, pictures, videos, docs and back-ups can now be easily stored on tiny compact discs. However as the user burns more and more new CDs the rapidly growing pile of these tiny things makes him concerned about two issues: where to store this stuff and how to find in the heap the specific CD when all they look the same. Of course to label them! Somebody will find CD pens good for labeling but what about those from whose pens nothing but clumsy scrawls have ever come? With CD DVD Label Maker any user can now easily label discs through creating disc covers and envelopes irrespective of how beautiful their handwriting is or how good they know designing software. All you need is an A4 paper sheet and a home printer.

Why the user might like CD DVD Label Maker?

The software gets multiple discs in order. Regularly, a user stores movies in DVD or slim DVD cases, music in CD or slim CD cases, private pictures, videos, and documents in any of the above or in none. CD DVD Label Maker offers templates for all mentioned formats and allows for creating paper cases and even folded CD paper cases also known as origami cases for the bare discs.

CD DVD Label Maker saves a lot of space. A user can now get rid of all plastic CD boxes and replace them with paper cases made with Label Maker. Paper cases or envelopes are also perfect for the carriage of discs.

CD DVD Label Maker makes the memories memorable. With the help of CD DVD Label Maker a customer is free to create cases for special events like the first dancing performance, wedding, or a child’s birthday party. Through making such a present to a dear person a man shares a part of his or her heart and brings in that touching warmth of old photo albums and handwritten postcards.

The software is very easy to use. It doesn’t require much time or diligence. The wizard-like interface lets a customer create an amazing disc cover in a few clicks. All a user needs is to follow a few simple steps: select one of the pre-designed templates, upload an image for the future cover and adjust it, customize captions, add track list if needed, and print the cover out. The final step is to insert the cover into the plastic case or scissor the paper case out of the sheet and glue it. That’s it! You have the labeled cover. The Green will definitely like origami paper case which does not require any glue at all. All you need to do is to print the labeled A4 out and fold it. CD DVD Label Maker is the only software supporting this feature.

Besides all the benefits mentioned above, CD DVD Label Maker is absolutely free, so that a customer does not simply save time and space but also the money.

Availability and System Requirements

Pentium II 600, 64 Mb RAM, 10 Mb hard drive space, a standard printer.

The software is available for download at:

About RonyaSoft

Founded in 2003, RonyaSoft is a privately held company producing utilities for graphic publishing and printing. Software solutions developed by RonyaSoft are used by both individuals and businesses in more than 60 countries around the world. Among its major products is ProPoster, the software for printing big banners, and Poster Forge, an easy-to-use poster generator.


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