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Saving a document as an image/pdf

To save the document as a pdf file or jpg image file:

  1. Click the Save As Image/PDF item in the File menu.

    The Save As Image/PDF dialog box will open.

    The Save As Image/PDF dialog box
  2. Select a folder and a filename.
  3. Choose a file type: jpeg image or pdf file.
  4. Choose image quality from the Jpeg Quality drop-down list.
  5. Choose one of pre-calculated image sizes in pixels from the Image Size drop-down list.

    The Original image size is calculated from document properties: Width, Height, DPI. See Changing document size for more info about properties of the document.

    To save to an image/pdf file with a size that can be customized, select Custom… option in the Image Size drop-down list. The Custom Image Size dialog will open.

    The Custom Image Size dialog box

    To change width/height of the image in pixels, enter your values in appropriate fields.

    To keep proportions on, select the Keep aspect ratio checkbox.

  6. Click the Save button.

If document size is large, saving it may take some time. Please, wait until the command has been executed.

 Tip: See Customizing the application for more info about how to control image/pdf rendering quality.

 Note: Alternatively, to obtain PDF files you may install a virtual PDF Printer like CutePDF and print to it.

 Note: The current version of the software does not support CMYK colorspace, and generated images/pdfs have RGB-colorspace.

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