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Ordering objects

Some objects may overlap hiding some of them partially or totally. When two objects overlap, their Z-order determines which one appears on top of the other. Each object in the document is treated as a separate layer and has its unique Z-Index.

The following commands are available for ordering objects:

  • Bring to Front : to move an object to the top of all other objects.
  • Move Forward : to move an object one step forward.
  • Move Backward : to move an object one step back.
  • Send to Back : to move an object behind all other objects.

The commands are available in the Layers menu, in the popup menu or on the Layers toolbar.

 Tip: To place one object over another, several moves may be needed sometimes. For instance, to move the first object in front of the fourth, it is necessary to apply the Move Forward command for three times.

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