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Editing a wave property

The Wavy Text Editor is used to edit wave properties.

To open the Wavy Text Editor dialog box, click the Options button in the Wave section of Properties.

Wavy Text Editor dialog box

The Options pane of the dialog box contains controls for setting up wavy text options. The Preview pane shows a customized wavy text.

To change the length of the wave, enter your value in the Length field or use the Length slider.

 Note: The length of the wave is inversely-proportional to the period of the wave.

To change amplitude of the wave, enter your value in the Amplitude field or use the Amplitude slider.

To change shift of the wave in horizontal direction, enter your value in the Shift field or use the Shift slider.

To apply the selected settings, click the Ok button.

To ignore the suggested variant, click the Cancel button.

To open Help file, click the Help button.

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