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virtguard press release

Do you want to secure you home or business? No problem. Turn your PC into a Powerful Video Surveillance System

April 1, 2006
Company: RonyaSoft
Contact: Rostyslav Marchuk

Today RonyaSoft announce the new release of VirtGuard, a Windows application that turns your PC into a digital video surveillance system. Virtual Guard detects motion, saves images, logs events and alerts you immediately. Application has the convenient interface and is easy in use.

Whether you're a parent who wants to monitor your infant's bedroom, a business person who wants to install motion detection to monitor your office during off-hours, or a traveler who needs to monitor your home or shop when you're on the road, VirtGuard has the tools that you need.

VirtGuard is easy to install and configure. You can use an inexpensive webcam that's connected to your USB port or a video camera connected to the TV-video capture card on your PC.

Differential sensitivity adjustment and the visual motion monitor allow you to adjust the area and sensitivity of the motion detector flexibly and precisely.

VirtGuard has a false alarm filter that eliminates false alarms. The filter analyzes the motion detector output and generates an alarm signal in case of danger.

VirtGuard allows you to save high-quality captured images to your hard drive or to a remote FTP server. The Automatic activation allows you to configure the program to start and stop motion detection whenever you wish.

It is possible to connect an external alarm system.

You can also view and print captured images. Each image has a time stamp on it.

VirtGuard v. 2.02 runs under Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP, costs $20.0 (US).

You can download the free trial version from

About RonyaSoft

Founded in 2003 in Ukraine, RonyaSoft is a software development company focused on developing and distributing graphics and security software. VirtGuard is the first program in a series of security applications for business and home Windows users.

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